Pirate King
WGA east # I43969 - Comedy

Logline: A misfit pirate becomes king.
(Pirates of the Caribbean meets Blazing Saddle meets Monty Python)

AWOL - A Senior Trip
WGA east # I32562 - Comedy

Logline: Seniors escape their corrupt retirement community to help a friend and catch an embezzler to clear their names.
(Cocoon meets Mrs. Doubtfire meets The Nutty Professor)

Brazil in July
WGA east # I43820 - Action Adventure

Logline: An American while running from kidnappers becomes a hero in Brazil.
(Enemy of the State meets Ed TV meets Bossa Nova)

There’s this man and woman stuck on an island…
WGA east # I213483 - Romantic Comedy

Logline: A professional couple unknowingly fall in love again after being marooned on an island from a therapy cruise. (Message in a Bottle meets Swept Away)


No Stopping, Standing or Parking
WGA east # I215532 - Action

Logline: A couple turn the tables on a mugger making him wish he was in jail.

Barking from the Bed
WGA east # I215532 - Comedy

Logline: Redneck ways save a marriage.
(My Name is Earl meets Talladega Nights meets It’s Complicated)

Weigh Anchor
WGA east # I230302 - Ghost

Logline: A pirate ship jeopardizes ghost citizens of a sleepy little north eastern town.
(Legend of Sleepy Hollow meets the Frighteners)

Film School
WGA east # I225578 - Comedy

Logline: A family uses the system to steal, but are overshadowed by celebrities
producing a movie at the school.
(Fame meets Be Kind Rewind)


Life's a Bowl of Cherries
WGA east # I225852 - Play


I Do Believe In Sint Nicolaas
WGA east # I22640 - Novel
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